quarta-feira, dezembro 20, 2006


Axelrod, David. Snob-exhumed purveyor of 1960s orchestral funk. A West Coast producer-arranger with a C.V. worthy of a James Ellroy character—as a young man he dabbled in violent crime, and went on to become a jazz producer in the 50s—Axelrod established himself in the mid-60s producing artists as varied as Lou Rawls and the Electric Prunes, and under his own name recorded ambitious, layered albums that defied categorization. (He once used Blake poems as lyrics.) A commercial failure in his own era, Axelrod embarked on a cocaine-fueled downward spiral, but fortune smiled upon him in the 1990s when the likes of Lauryn Hill, Dr. Dre, and DJ Shadow sampled his work.

Second-unit director. A deputy to a film’s main director whose job is to shoot scenes and footage that don’t require the presence and immediate supervision of the main director, often action sequences and expositional location shots. Many a second-unit director, having overseen his own semi-autonomous production crew, has eventually graduated to supremo-director status, though Snobs glory in knowing the names of such career second-unit specialists as Yakima Canutt (who was also an ace stuntman in John Wayne movies) and B. Reeves Eason. No disrespect to Paul Verhoeven, but the real reason RoboCop rocks is that Monte Hellman was the uncredited second-unit director.

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Ladies Love disse...

Os teus sapatos de vela fazem falta. Fica a dica. Exploding Star Orchestra para 2007, cena sobre o ciclo de vida de uma estrela com o Rob Mazurek a comandar e tipo mais mil gente do costume (oh, tem o Jeb Bishop, o Jeff Parker, o John McEntire e um porradão de gente). Parece porreiro, na minha cabeça desbundas imenso com isto. Mais informação aqui. Respeito ao teu gosto pelo novo do Justin Timberlake.

Pedro M disse...

Desbundei razoavelmente, filho, que isto com o Mazurek nunca dá para descompor muito o penteado. Mas fiquei interessado, sim senhor, quer dizer, moço. Abracinho.